Prior to being incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, nor had any part of, Michael Draven was an actor(several stage appearances as well as two indie films of which he played lead characters), a budding

filmmaker, writer(poetry ,scripts, etc), a business minded individual and owner of his own photography and film company (he has many other plans for businesses as well varying in subject).

His style of photography would be best described as a natural, emotional way of photography. It was done by his gut and the feelings that lead to such photographs; the raw instinct to listen to the Muses of creativity. Enjoy my offerings.  Purchase these and other works on everything from acrylic blocks to Samsung phone skins from  my online portfolio here.

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Crow flies at Midnight

Newport News,VA...I saw this crow sitting on a wire ...I followed its gaze as it to was watching the sun set and darkness to come...I only hoped to capture its point of view however mystic or mundane .

Dark Omens:Nags Head,it was odd as a storm was predicted for tjhat day yet the old man stood there patient waiting for something ...there with his fishing pole.Between the dark waves,his place in a brewing storm and a bird on its way to who knows where I see this as a very ominous photo)

A Mexican Zebra?

Tijuana Mexico...the owner of this donkey spray painted it  to look like a zebra to take $5 bucks per person to take a photo with it ...Tourism! Wow!)

Baja Moon

Funny story ...I was at the baja CA and Mexico border and I happened to see the moon ...so I took this photo ...but I had a close call ...as several ..lets say border individuals surrounded me ,informing me in broken english that i could not take their photo ...i simply said Luna Luna! at the top of my lungs and they quickly disappeared once they saw that I in fact to an image of only the moon ...)

Sweet Echoes

Baltimore MD...waiting outside of store...Had to cpature the loneliness of the raindrops as they fell.                      


Shenanadoah Valley VA...my birthplace ...as a sunset through the trees and reflective in the river..)

Warped Hill

Some friends and family in the past have said they get sick of looking at this photo due to the skewed aspect of it.


A broken down and unused dock in Carolina. Interesting to me because of its abandoned look and the emotions that come with things left unused.

Fame & Leaves

Los Angeles. I happened to notice the fall leaves brushing and dancing over the Hollywood stars name, most of whom are long gone. Just an interesting perspective I happened upon while in Californ


The image of a beauty in death as in the old days ...the fact that we are all to die at some point but to                            find the life and beauty in death as it is only the beginning ...)

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